Buying Guide for Shaper Dress: How to Find Your Favorite Style at Popilush?

The dress is an important piece in a woman's closet, as it allows the creation of many looks. A shaper dress can make you more confident in your femininity. This is because it can be used to slim the waist, lift the butt or reduce any visible fat in the hip area.

Furthermore, it allows for different combinations. It easily fits into different feminine styles, making it a democratic piece for women. You can create different looks from a single dress and Popilush offers a wide range of models to suit everyone. 

Popilush® Formal Bodycon Party Winter Dress Brown / XS Built-In Shapewear Crew Neck Long Sleeve Midi Dress


Can the shapewear dress be worn by any woman?

Yes, as it is made with highly elastic fabric that helps to shape your body regardless of its shape. It's a great option if you want to feel more confident. Furthermore, it promotes comfort so that women can carry out any day-to-day activities with ease. Delivers a more symmetrical and clean look. This happens because the traces of underwear are reduced due to the laser cutting made in the openings included in the shapewear. You can easily take off or put on your dress thanks to the invisibly designed zipper in the back area. Suitable for business women, or those who want to create a more elegant and formal style. 

Popilush Shaping Slip Dress Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 Built-In Shapewear Maxi Dress


Which dress can fit into my basic collection?

A maxi dress. It is a dresses with built in tummy control made from modal fabric, extremely soft and comfortable. Being breathable leaves you free from any effects caused by excess perspiration and becomes an assertive garment for hotter days. You can stay cool. In fact, it fits into any feminine personal style. It can be worn with sneakers to create a casual look or with high heels to go to a work meeting.

Promotes tummy flattening through double-layer waist control. The butt gains a new shape through lifting technology that creates a BBL effect. The built-in bras facilitate a more practical life and the removable cups allow you to create the ideal bra.

Popilush® Formal Bodycon Party Winter Dress Wine / S Built-In Shapewear Ruched Long Sleeve Split Midi Dress


How do I know which dress length best suits my style?

You can opt for different lengths depending on the occasion. In fact, I recommend that you buy different lengths of dresses to complete your collection. If you want to go to a cooler party or event, you can opt for a mini dress with a metallic effect.

If you want to go to the mall with your friends or go to a family party, a maxi dress can be comfortable and assertive. Now, a length that lies between the two is the shapewear midi dress that can be worn on any occasion, including corporate events.

The long sleeves and the gathered detail, along with the side slit make you look slimmer. So, your appearance effectively becomes slimmer. Another important detail is the modeling mesh integrated in the abdomen region, as it leaves your belly flat and free from imperfections that could affect your personal confidence. The breasts gain support through the elastic design and the back region can have softer lines through the lightweight plastic mesh located in the region.

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It looks like a nice product that every woman would love.
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So elegan, charming and up to date yach... Popilush ngasih tips yang bagus untuk fashion masa kini
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Midi dress shapewear wach ini cocok untuk orang dengan berat Badan proposional
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Sometimes, women always say that they are insecure because their body shape is not ideal. But knowing that Popilush moulds women's bodies to perfection, I'm sure no woman can resist its perfection.
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The long sleeve in a Good material and good model. Popilush fit in every person with high taste of fashion. It can make our body lok like become slimmer.
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A shaper dress is a must-have item for a female. With wearing it before your favorite dress makes you more confident.
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sebelumnya maaf komentar in indonesia, setuju banget kalau beli dress disesuaikan dengan bentuk tubuh ya tapi balik lagi disesuaikan untuk tujuan pakaiannya di mana
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Wearing a shapewear seems to be a perfect and simplest way to obtain the look we've always wanted ya. Its nice that Popilush offers wide varieties of model for different different type of body. Helping us to regain confidence while socializing.
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shapewear ini pas banget ya dipakai biar badan kita terlihat lebih bagus dan berbentuk gitu
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I wish buy shaper dress. I will wear at home, it looks pretty
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wow jadi keliaan langsing gitu ya mbak hehehe,
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Pakai shapewear ini terlihat makin langsing. Sepertinya saya cocok nih kalau pakai shapewear dari produk ini